I am happy to give my time freely to the preparation of these files, but I have regular outgoings such as Website hosting costs and Performing Rights Society licence.

I want everyone to be able to gain easy access to the rehearsal files, so to create a membership system, together with its associated sign-ins and passwords to protected areas, would be a step too far.

I am therefore providing a "Donate" button for people to contribute to these running costs. I wouldn't want users to pay every time they visit the site; and I would expect members of choirs to gather together and only make one contribution for the whole choir.

I propose voluntary annual charges should be:

Individuals:  £5.00
Choirs:         £30.00

Note, this would only be necessary once a year, say.

If I receive more than I pay out to run the site, then I would pass on the surplus to my sailing charity, the Rona Sailing Project. On the other hand, if I fail to reach my outgoings target, then I will have to think hard about introducing a subscription system.

Many thanks for your understanding, and please feel free to contact me with any thoughts on this matter using the Contact Me link on the left.