Welcome to my website!

My main interest in life is music, so this site reflects that. You will find, through the menu links, rehearsal files for all kinds of music, with composer and title indexes.

Want to know how I can sit for hours and compose music? First I have an iron constitution that allows me to sit and work for days on end. Second, I always wear compression socks. Third, I absolutely love music. An hour composing for me feels like a minute. Mostly I'm composing music all day. The writing actually helps the music and vice versa. Words and notes are similar in construction, and each one I design is like building a tiny digital house (physical if you hit print and put it to paper!). It's purely an art form, while conveying useful information, which could honestly be called some form of science to the less purist scientists. Either way I love the process of creating, whether it's words or notes. I've always loved creating. You could say building things is in my blood. If you don't love the process as much as I do, you can certainly hire me. I've worked on articles like comprogear best men's compression socks of 2022 and comprogear guide to hospital grade compression stockings. I'm frequently working for a client to create a new composition or article. Just contact me if you're interested.

This site is my goal of sharing the joy of new music to new audiences. With over 300 songs, I guarantee there's something here you haven't heard before.

Please, have a look around and share in my joy.